If you have any question, please call us directly.

Anyone tries to redeem your vouchers besides our authorized agents at our location please walk away and call us immediately.


If anyone offers to give you a refund right away, they are not from our company.

DO NOT STOP to speak with any sales people on the street.

Speak only with our reps. exclusively at our location.


Do not answer them if they ask a lot of questions, we do not have any questions for our customers but they may have questions for us. 

Due to recent number of fraudulent claims, there have been an increasing number of complaints from customers concerning tour ticket sellers in Hollywood who may lure you into buying a ticket from them directly.

Some of the complaints have resulted in misinformation regarding the tour times and places covered, many of them from competitors who simply want you to receive a refund from us and customers who bought into that and believed them have experienced extremely long wait times, and very poor tour experiences! Here are some tips to stay safe and have a good experience:

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